Choosing A Spider Lift

Important Considerations When Choosing a Spider Lift

To ensure the safety of all persons and property, to avoid damage to the hired equipment and for the most efficient cost effective solution, it is MOST IMPORTANT when selecting the right machine for your intended project that you consider BOTH the final working environment AND the transit route to and from. Here are some of the things to consider…


What height(s) are you intending to reach
What distance from target height can you set-up the machine
Obstacles such as power cables, telephone lines etc.


Restrictive height/width doorways and passages.


Manoeuvring is awkward in tight corners and tight spaces.


Is the ground level
Is the ground stable/non-slip
Is the ground able to take the weight
Are there delicate floors to consider


Operation and manipulation considerations
Straight out
Out and over
Out and under
Under and up
Under and down


Operating Space
Is there enough space for the outriggers to deploy safely
Is there room to manoeuvre the articulated arms/boom safely
Can you restrict access to the area below and around the machine


Longer operational time = petrol/diesel refilling
Is there a need for quiet working = electric use
Are you working indoors (CO2 emissions) = electric use


Questions? If in doubt we welcome your questions, just call us on 07984 546352, we aim to help and advise wherever possible and when appropriate, however please note: all advice can only be based on the information you provide.